Jamie T previews new album tracks and reveals ‘Kings & Queens’ inspiration – video

Watch the troubadour in session now

Jamie T has revealed the inspiration behind his new album title ‘Kings & Queens’.

The troubadour releases his second record next week (September 7), and as part of a of a live session for MTV, which can be viewed online now, he explained where the title comes from.

“My album’s called ‘Kings & Queens’ because I think people are quite self obsessed in general,” explained the singer, who played the Reading And Leeds Festivals at the weekend (August 28-30).

“We’re all quite self-obsessed in our own little world. I personally got brought up in watching movies from a really young age. I was just sat in front of the TV and told to watch a movie and shut up and watch films so that’s what I did, right? So, as is with a lot of my friends – I’ve discussed this with a lot of my friends – you know it’s kind of like cable guy syndrome. TV kind of grew you up or whatever and I think everyone is the king of their world or how they look at themselves because they’re so self-obsessed.

“Everyone else, their whole life runs around them. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing, because you have to look after yourself and that’s how it is because no one else is going to look after you. So my whole theory on it is that everyone is the king and queen of their own lives, and we should have respect for that. And there’s no reason why we can’t all live together in peace and harmony as kings and queens in our own little lives together, but apart.”

Watch the session, which includes a live preview of new album tracks ‘Chaka Demus’, ‘Emily’s Heart’, ‘Earth, Wind And Fire’ plus favourites ‘Ike & Tina’ and ‘Brand New Bass Guitar’, at MTV.co.uk now.