MC kills fellow MC in inter-band shooting

Mexican rap group claim killing was 'accidental'

The lead singer of Mexican rap group Cartel De Santa has killed one of his band mates in a shooting, though it is claimed it was an accident.

Singer Eduardo Davalos de Luna was with bandmate and MC Ulises Nayit Buenrostro on Friday (March 30) in a house in a northern state of Nuevo Leon.

Apparently Davalos de Luna got word that the group’s driver, Juan Miguel Chavez, had armed himself and was en route to shoot the vocalist to settle a lingering dispute.

Allegedly, Davalos de Luna brandished a .38 pistol when Chavez arrived and several shots were fired, including one which injured Chavez in the leg.

However during that firing, Davalos de Luna claims that his fellow MC Buenrostro was killed, telling police in his preliminary statement that another shot ricocheted off the the floor, killing Buenrostro.

Police are now investigating the incident, reports Yahoo.