Love And Rockets go for broke at Coachella

The veteran rockers bring out Bubblemen alter-egos

Love And Rockets played a hit-filled set at the Coachella Festival tonight (April 27) and brought their alter-egos the Bubblemen, onto the stage.

The newly reunited rockers concentrated on their first four albums, playing guitar-heavy tracks including ‘Ball Of Confusion’ and ‘No New Tale To Tell’.

Original members David J, Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins drew a sizeable crowd despite a competing set from My Morning Jacket on the main stage. Several audience members were overheard saying that they came to the festival today specifically to see Love And Rockets.

During the final song, Love And Rockets‘ costumed alter egos, The Bubblemen, took the stage. The black-and-white space aliens (who strongly resemble giant bees) used to stand in for the band in the late 1980s, making occasional live appearances.

Tonight the Bubblemen trio danced around on stage, and ended Love And Rockets‘ otherwise serious set by engaging the band in a pillow fight that left feathers flying everywhere.

Love And Rockets played:

‘Ball Of Confusion’

‘It Could Be Sunshine’

‘The Dog End Of The Day Gone By’

‘Haunted When The Minutes Drag’

‘No New Tale To Tell’

‘I Feel Speed’

‘Kundalini Express’

‘Mirror People’

‘Yin And Yang’