Glastonbury festival organiser: ‘bring potato tent pegs to festival’

Michael Eavis urges fans to bring biodegradable pegs in June

Glastonbury festival organiser Michael Eavis has urged fans who go to the festival in June to bring potato-based tent pegs instead of metal ones.

Eavis explained that every year thousands of metal tent pegs are left behind by fans, which causes problems for cows who live on the land afterwards.

Speaking to BBC News, Eavis urged fans to bring “very stout” bio-degradable pegs made of starch instead, the kind that are used in the turf industry.

“They are a real problem for the cows,” he said.

“We’re going to buy a biodegradable tent peg this year, but it is very stout actually. They use it in the turf industry and we’ve just discovered it.

“So we’re going to force people to use the tent pegs and not use the wire ones. Potato starch, they’re actually made from.”

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