Apple sells one million new iPhones in three days

Improved device's sales go through the roof

Apple has announced it sold over a million of their newly released iPhone 3G in the first three days of it being on the market.

The device, which is the second generation model of the phone, went on sale in 21 countries on Friday (July 11) and in the subsequent days, sales had a “stunning opening weekend”, according to Steve Jobs.

The launch was overwhelming for retailers selling the phones as each device had to connect to Apple’s servers in order to be activated, reports Yahoo Music. Customers reportedly had to wait in long lines at stores as staff attempted to activate each phone.

In addition, some users of the older iPhone apparently experienced problems with their handsets after new software was released for the first version of the iPhone, which rendered them unusable for a time, says the report.

The first version of the iPhone was released last year in the US and did not reach it’s one millionth sale until 74 days after its release. The company aims to sell 10 million iPhones by the end of this year.

–By our New York staff.

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