Court tells Radio 1 DJ told to go live with his mother

Andy Kershaw suffers an 'emotional meltdown' after prison release

Former Radio 1 DJ Andy Kershaw has been advised by the court to go live with his mother following his release from jail Friday (February 29).

Kershaw appeared at the High Bailiff’s Court in Douglas on Sunday (March 2) after serving 44 days in jail for harassing the mother of his two children, Juliette Banner.

The court heard how the 48-year-old DJ had suffered an “emotional meltdown” when he received a letter from his new partner saying their relationship was over.

Kershaw reportedly proceeded to send abusive text and voicemail messages to his former partner and her new boyfriend, reports the BBC.

As a result, the High Bailiff gave him a suspended sentence and urged him to leave the Isle of Man and go live with his mother in Rochdale to recover.

Kershaw had been living on the Isle of Man with Banner until the couple split up — which he apparently could not accept.

High Bailiff Michael Moyle told Kershaw he “cut a miserable and pathetic figure”, adding, “look at yourself long and hard. You must be breaking the heart of your mother and sister. You drink to excess and you can’t accept that Mr Imrie is the man of Miss Banner‘s choice, not you.”

Moyle said that he would give the DJ one final chance if he agreed to “take a considerable break in the company of your family.”

Kershaw agreed, saying, “I’ve been stupid and I’m not going to squander this opportunity.”

Kershaw is best known for championing world music, particularly on his Radio 3 show.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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