Pete Doherty party probe reopened

Babyshambles man could be questioned over death

Pete Doherty could be questioned by the police in relation to the death of a man at a house party late last year.

In December 2006 Mark Blanco, 30, fell from a balcony to his death. Jonathan Jeannevol, who had attended the party with Doherty as his security guard, admitted to causing the death after Blanco “annoyed” Doherty, but Jeannevol later retracted his statement.

In a hearing, the court today (October 5) heard how, after Doherty asked Jonathan Jeannevol to “have a word” with Blanco, before his literary agent Paul Roundhill set fire to Blanco’s hat and punched him before ejecting him from the party. However, Blanco returned, and was next seen plunging from the balcony.

Doherty was allegedly seen on CCTV jogging away from the body before an ambulance arrived. Doherty has not been a suspect at any point during the case.

In the inquest, the coroner ruled out suicide, and recorded an open verdict. He then ordered a fresh police inquiry into the case.

At the time police said there was no “third-party” involvement in the death however coroner Dr Andrew Reid said he could not draw any “satisfactory inferences” from CCTV footage about possibility of anyone else being involved in the incident.

Police have now confirmed to The Mirror that at “the request of the coroner Andrew Reid, police will now review the investigation”.