Devo to stage art exhibition

Mark Mothersbaugh to tour US galleries

Devo‘s Mark Mothersbaugh is planning a touring exhibition of his artwork in the US called ‘The Postcard Diaries’.

The show chronicle his early tours with Devo and features original postcard-sized works created as his personal diaries.

The images were never intended for public viewing but Mothersbaugh was convinced to display them.

“Usually, the only way someone can get an original sketch is if I give it to them myself,” he explained. “I’ve sent a few in the mail, and handed others out to friends and family. I’ve probably got around 30,000 of them filed away now…and I keep making more every day. The limited edition prints are my way of sharing these personal images with other people around the world.”

Postcard Diaries and Beautiful Mutants photographs will go on show at The Sacred Rose Tattoo Gallery in Berkley on May 24 and Chicago‘s DLG Gallery/River North on June 6.