French president Nicolas Sarkosy’s son is hip-hop producer

Pierre Sarkozy is leading French hip-hop scene

France president Nicolas Sarkozy‘s son has been revealed as a hip-hop producer.

Pierre Sarkozy has garnered a considerable level of success with his music exploits.

According to The Times, Sarkozy Junior works inder the name Mosey, and has worked with French hip-hop figures such as Poison, David Banner and Nicole Garcia.

“The guy brought me some music. He does good shit,” said Poison, after he found out about his cohort’s bloodline.

“I didn’t know at the start that it was the son of Sarko,” he continued. “When I found out I blew a fuse and phoned him. He said, ‘Yeah, but Poison, I didn’t wanna tell you ‘cos you wouldn’t wanna hang out wid me no more’.

“I told him, ‘Hey, no problem. You never done me wrong. We’ll bust nobody’s balls, we’ll just do good stuff.’”