Former Mercury Prize winner Roni Size to split up Reprazent

Drum and bass group will disband after next album

Former Nationwide Mercury Prize winner Roni Size has said that the drum and bass collective that he fronts, Reprazent, will disband after their next album.

Size told BBC 6Music that the collective will tour next year, when they will also release an album before calling time on the project.

Roni Size And Reprazent won the Mercury Prize in 1997 for their ‘New Forms’ album. They released their second, ‘In The Mode’, in 2000.

“We’re gonna do number three Reprazent album and we’ll see what happens from there,” Size said. “I think that will be our last album.

“We’ll tour again next year and hopefully we’ll start to make a real impact and people will see what we can bring to the table.

“The whole thing about doing Reprazent was different people coming from different groups to form one. There are people involved who need their own individual careers.

“Everyone in Reprazent can do their thing and has their own goals so it’s not fair of me to ask them to keep on representing Roni Size. I need to get into some kind of position where I can help them as well.”

Size said that after disbanding Reprazent he would continue to make music and DJ.