Internet auction sites ‘exploit’ fans

Resale of live event tickets slammed in government report

A group of MPs are set to call for an industry code of conduct on the resale of event tickets, especially through internet auction sites.

The report, to be published on Thursday (January 10), will also say that the auction sites have exploited fans, including those of music gigs and festivals, by allowing touts to re-sell at inflated prices.

The BBC also claims today that the report, from the Culture, Media and Sport select committee, will call for the threat of action by The Office of Fair Trading if no code is agreed.

Senior promoters and figures within the music industry have long called for touting to be made illegal – however the government has always stopped short of such a measure. Tickets for football matches cannot be resold.

Since May, the committee has been investigating whether the resale of tickets is acceptable. It looked at the underlying causes of ticket touting, and its impact on performers, promoters and the public.

It also examined whether resale of a ticket, at face value or at a higher value, should be permitted in principle, and the impact of the internet upon trade in tickets.