46 prosecuted for uploading ‘copyright infringing music’

Italian fiscal police unleash operation 'Music Box'

Police in Venice have charged 46 people for uploading large amounts of “unlicensed music” onto the internet.

Operation ‘Music Box’ was carried out by the Guardia di Finanza of Venice, with the assistance of local industry anti-piracy group FPM.

The fiscal police discovered more than 1.7 million illegal mp3 files and more than 15,000 burnt CD-Rs containing ‘copyright infringing’ music.

Raids around Italy in 13 different provinces also led to the seizure of 52 desktop computers, two laptops, 81 external hard drives and 69 internal hard drives.

Enzo Mazza, president of FPM, said in a statement: “People who upload hundreds or thousands of copyright infringing music tracks onto the internet are breaking the law. They are stealing the livelihoods of artists, composers and record producers. I am delighted the Guardia di Finanza is holding them accountable for their actions.”

It is claimed that the widespread availability of copyright infringing music online in Italy has led the trade value of the recording industry to shrink from €370.1 million in 2003 to €266.2 million in 2007.