CBGB’s New York home to become fashion boutique

Legendary venue's Bowery address taken over by shop

The former location of influential New York club CBGB is set to become a boutique fashion shop.

The famous 315 Bowery address, which is regarded by many as one of the birthplaces of punk, will open as a John Varvatos store.

The club was forced to shut its doors last year after its lease expired and it found the new rent for the property too expensive.

There was some speculation that a branch of CBGB would open in Las Vegas, although since the death of founder Hilly Kristal in August it is not clear whether the club will appear again.

Varvatos, who has used rock stars including Slash, Ryan Adams, Alice Cooper, and Iggy Pop in his advertising campaigns, is said to be aiming to preserve the iconic venue’s feel.

“The space had been empty for the better part of a year as we searched for the right tenant,” explained Elliott Azrak of Azrak Capital Group who now own the building’s lease. “John Varvatos is ideal because he has a real reverence for the history of the space and every intention of honoring its legacy.”

The fashion shop is expected to open at 315 Bowery in the spring.