Michael Jackson has released a video clip paying homage to ‘Thriller’

World's biggest selling album re-released on 25th anniversary

Michael Jackson has made a rare public appearance in a video message to his fans leading up to the 25th anniversary of his seminal album ‘Thriller’.

The record is still the biggest-selling album of all time.

Wearing sunglasses, Jackson seems animated throughout the 57-second clip.

In the short message Jackson said: “To be able to say ‘Thriller’ still holds the record as the biggest-selling album of all time is just mindblowing. I have you, my fans throughout the world, to thank for this achievement.”

According to The Guardian Jackson also stated: “My passion for music has never stopped. It’s my hope that ‘Thriller’ continues to live on for each new generation to discover.”

He promised there is more to come too proclaiming: “There is still much more to come for Michael Jackson.”

The 25th anniversary CD/DVD issue reissue of ‘Thriller’ features remixes and appearances from Kanye West, Fergie, William and Akon. It was released on Monday (February 11).

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