New look NME.COM – what’s going on?

We've redesigned some of your site, find out why and have your say

As of today (December 12) new News, Reviews and Photos section have been launched on NME.COM.

Other sections of the site will be redesigned over time, but for now we’ve updated these core areas to improve the look and feel for readers and to make content easier to find.

You’ll still find all the same award-winning music news, videos, galleries, reviews and more: the site’s content hasn’t changed. You should also find that the site is faster.

Some of the things you’ll notice are:

1. Overall clarity has been improved – we’ve simplified the indexes and pages so they’re easier to get around

2. You can jump from one news story to another using the right hand list of latest news

3. We’ve increased the text size so it’s easier to read on a small screen or a mobile device

4. It’s easier to find news, reviews and media on your favourite bands from news or reviews stories

5. Easier main navigation – it lights up when you put your mouse on it, so you can be sure on what you’re about to click

6. A second level of navigation on news and reviews. So you can get straight to the sections (‘Blogs’, ‘Tour news’ or ‘Album reviews’ say) much quicker than before

7. We’ve made it easier to add comments to news stories and your own reviews – the best will appear below the articles

8. We’ve added a MyNME widget on these pages – this is so you can keep track of comments and reviews, add photos and videos, make friends and add tour dates

We think we’ve done OK, and we hope you like it. We know how much you care about your site however, so please e-mail us at with any praise, complaints or questions!


David Moynihan

Editor, NME.COM