US rapper Rhymefest meets David Cameron

Rapper is impressed by the Tory leader

US rapper Rhymefest told NME.COM he was “impressed” on meeting David Cameron yesterday (October 19).

The rapper joined the Conservative leader to discuss the comments he made recently about hip-hop.

In June Cameron suggested rap “encourages people to carry guns and knives.”


Subsequently, Rhymefest wrote to Cameron asking for a one-to-one meeting with him to discuss ways to “come together with the community.”

Speaking about the meeting, the rapper told NME.COM: “(Cameron) seemed to have a genuine concern. I was impressed that he even bought me to his office for a discussion.

“Whether you say that it was for the publicity or not, that’s more than a lot of other politicians are doing.”

Kanye West collaborator Rhymefest added that it was important that the other political parties take a similar stance.

He said: “Who am I? I haven’t sold a million records. I’m one of the least of us. And if he’s willing to have a conversation with the least of us, that means that the Labour party has to catch up.”

The rapper said that Cameron discussed ways he could implement change.


“We talked about the future of responsible music and what can be done,” he said. “He talked about UK record companies implementing change, and schools too.

“(Cameron) said that actions speak louder than words. So we’ll wait and see what he does.”

Rhymefest played Notting Hill Arts Club last night before returning to the US.

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