The Verve – World exclusive today on

The Verve are back with new 14 minute track 'The Thaw Session'. Download it for free on today. is proud to announce that we have partnered with The Verve to offer music fans a brand new 14-minute track. ‘The Thaw Session’ (the title a reference to ‘Deep Freeze’, an experimental bonus track on the band’s last album ‘Urban Hymns’) is free to download and continues the revolutionary new trend for top artists – such as Radiohead and The Charlatans – to give away their music to listeners.

Coming to from 10.30am today (October 22nd) ‘The Thaw Session’ is the first song laid down by the band after reuniting in recent weeks. Raw and never-heard-before, the stunning jam is The Verve back to their best – and simply sublime.

The download will be available for seven days only.

Click here to download The Verve: The Thaw Session