Bands as Ricky Hatton’s boxing match – Friday fun

Waste some time and get into fight fever

It’s Friday – hurrah! – so it’s time to stop working and start mucking about on the internet until the pubs open.

Today, inspired by all the hype ahead of Ricky Hatton’s clash with Floyd Mayweather tomorrow night (December 7) in Los Vegas we’re shoehorning boxing terms into band names this week.

Long Upper Cut, Arthur Lee And Glove , Heavyweight Stereo – that’s the kind of stuff we’ve been coming up with. Now we want to see if you lot can do better.

Head to the NME Office Blog now to get stuck in with your own efforts. And don’t forget to ping the URL round to your mates to get a bit of healthy competition going.

Come on, honestly, it will be a knock out…sorry.