Muse: Road To Wembley Part Five – Becoming Britain’s biggest band

Matt Bellamy and co speak on NME.COM all week

All week before Muse play their Wembley Stadium gigs, we’re going to be tracing their career from the beginning to their crowning glory.

Dom: “Winning Best Band at the NME Awards (this year) was the last one we got so that was great because we’d never won that one. It was getting a bit comedy when we just kept on winning Best Live Band everywhere. We weren’t even there and we did the speech when we were playing live. So if we’d won live band we would’ve been more suitable with the weird piece of footage that we sent. But we were winning so many live band awards it just seemed comedy. Like, give someone else a chance!”

Chris: “The biggest highlight was headlining Reading. We went as kids all the time, and I think it was exactly ten years ago to the day that I saw Rage Against The Machine play – and that was one of the best gigs I’d ever seen! Their show has embodied my perception of Reading ever since, so to be on the same stage headlining ten years down the line was a pretty good feeling. We’d played before; being first on the in the tent – out of all the festivals in Europe, Reading is the best rock crowd you’re ever going to get. No matter what time of day you’re on, you know the crowd are going to be mental – you don’t get that at any other festival.”

Come back tomorrow for Part Six, when the band talk about the Wembley shows on the day they are due to take the stage at the massive stadium.

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