Muse road to Wembley – Part 1: The beginnings

Matt Bellamy and co speak on NME.COM all week

All week before Muse play their Wembley Stadium gigs, we’re going to be tracing their career from the beginning to their crowning glory.


In this extract from NME‘s exclusive interview – out this week – the trio talk through their first meeting and childhood in Devon


Matt Bellamy: “When I was growing up in Teignmouth, I just felt like I saw things differently. I used to think, maybe everyone sees it this way, or maybe not. I saw myself as different but I didn’t act differently, that came later. In the first few years of school I wasn’t really a person who was getting on with teachers very well. I was very argumentative, but I had a lot of friends and was quite adaptive to different people. I wasn’t quite an outcast. I knew music was what I wanted to do from a very young age, and I think that’s unusual.”

Chris Wolstenholme: “I met Matt and Dom quite a few years before the band started because we went to school together – they were at school ahead of me, but I knew them from seeing them around. Then a load of bands popped up out of nowhere where we lived. All of a sudden everyone wanted to play the guitar and be in a rock band. I was in a band, Matt and Dom were in a band, but theirs was on the edge of, you know, self-destruction anyway, and my band was falling apart, so we just kind of got together from there really.”

Matt Bellamy: “We used to take the piss out of Dom a bit, because Dom and his good mates all used to have had long hair and wear like sort of these German army jackets, and dress up like neds – we used to laugh at them a bit.. He always takes the piss out of me because the first few gigs I’d always go along in, like, shell suits or track suits. I was dressed up in full on as an early 90s rapper, and they were all dressed as neds and that sort of thing. For about year or so we did a bunch of gigs, in people’s houses or wherever you could play or like in little sport halls. It was always just a chance for a bunch of kids to get together get drunk, hang out and trash a load of musical gear. That was all we did. It was all a bit of a mess really.”

Come back at tomorrow at 3pm for Part Two we look back at the band’s early gigs.

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In the meantime you find out how Muse warmed-up by reading the report of their headlining Isle Of Wight Festival appearance at the weekend (June 9).

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