Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ about Caroline Kennedy

Singer reveals JFK's daughter was inspiration for song

Neil Diamond has revealed that slain US President John F Kennedy’s daughter Caroline was the inspiration for his worldwide hit ‘Sweet Caroline’.

And Diamond only recently told Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg herself when he performed at her 50th birthday last week.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Diamond said: “I’ve never discussed it with anybody before – intentionally. I thought maybe I would tell it to Caroline when I met her someday.

“It was a Number One record and probably is the biggest, most important song of my career, and I have to thank her for the inspiration. I’m happy to have gotten it off my chest and to have expressed it to Caroline. I thought she might be embarrassed, but she seemed to be struck by it and really, really happy.”

He told how he saw a photo of the young Kennedy in a news magazine, dressed in riding gear and was inspired by the “innocent, wonderful” picture.

He wrote the song several years later in a Memphis hotel room. It was a massive hit in 1971.

The song recently re-entered the US singles chart thanks to being played at Red Sox baseball games.

Diamond also says he is working on what will be his “best record ever” with legendary producer Rick Rubin.

–By our New York staff.

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