Vampire Weekend reveal debut album details

Their highly anticipated record is out in January, they tell NME.COM

Vampire Weekend have revealed details of their debut album, set for release in late January.

Speaking to NME.COM singer Ezra Koenig says that the as-yet untitled record was recorded in several locations, from apartments to barns with the most recent work carried out in a new studio called Tree Fort in Brooklyn.

“We recorded most of it ourselves in a couple of different locations” Koenig told us “In a friend’s basement who had a good set up for recording drums….we did a lot of it in the band’s apartments – usually Rostam and Chris’s.”

“There’s even some stuff on the album that we recorded almost a year ago at our drummer’s parents house in New Jersey, at this barn that they have, so they’re really echoey drums.”

Koenig also says that the band are readying two brand new tracks for the album.

“Some of the tracks we’ve had for a long time so we already knew how it was going to sound it was just a matter of tightening it up and remixing it a little, but we just recorded two new songs that we’re really excited about called ‘I Stand Corrected’, the other is called ‘M79’. Those recordings we’re really psyched about.”

The band are continuing to self-produce, with studio owners

Jeff Curtin and Shane Stoneback also contributing.

“Our producer is Rostam our keyboardist, and Jeff and Shane the guys who are running the studio are serving as engineers,” says Koenig.

Currently gearing up for the release of their debut single ‘Mansard Roof’, the release will coincide with the band’s UK tour set to commence in late-October before returning to the US for a tour kicking off in November.

–By our New York staff.

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