1990s “piecing together” second album

But don’t expect ‘Cookies’ follow-up to be darker

1990s are already compiling material for their second album, the follow up to ‘Cookies’, set for its US release next month.

Speaking to NME.COM, singer Jackie McKeown revealed that the band have bits and pieces of songs lying around and are just waiting for the opportunity to put them all together

“At the moment all the songs are lying in little bits” McKeown said. “It’s like your dad’s taken the washing machine apart or something. There’s bits of lyrics and riffs lying around and we’re just dying to have a moment to do it and join them together.”

And according to him, we can expect similar material to that on their debut.

“It’s not like they’re darker or anything like that” he continued “They’re just songs. Some will be longer, some shorter, some happier, some will be sadder but generally they’re just 1990s songs. It’s a shame because when you do the second album and stuff everyone’s like ‘Oh they’ve changed and it’s for the worse’ or if you stay the same everyone’s like ‘Oh we don’t need two albums of this shit’ so I think the best thing to do is ignore all of that and write them like we used to write them which is get really fucked up and knock them out at parties”.

‘Cookies’ will be released July 31 in the US.

–By our New York staff.

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