Music industry bigwigs praise My Device

New band winners backed for NME.COM tenth birthday bash

Walkman NME Breaking Bands winners My Device have being hailed by music industry bigwigs ahead of their performance at NME.COM tenth birthday party.

The band were selected as the “people’s choice” to perform at the show along with Kasabian and CSS on September 12 after receiving a hefty number of votes from NME.COM users and the competition’s judging panel.

The group will now open tomorrow night’s party, and have been backed to succeed by several figures who know their musical onions.


NME.COM New Band’s editor James Jam backed the Brighton group saying: “You can tell they’re a band who really love distortion pedals and bending weird sounds out of their guitars. They’re not a virtuoso band, which is cool, because rock ‘n’ roll shouldn’t be about that, it should be about heart and passion and ideas and romance.”

Meanwhile Whiskas from ¡Forward, Russia! also praised the group.

My Device remind me of Pavement in a really obscure and weird way,” he said. “I think it’s because there’s a feel of the unexpected and a sense of urgency around the music.”

Record company guru Alan McGee, who signed the likes of Oasis and Primal Scream, was also fond of the winners, telling NME.COM: “They got great potential. The whole democracy of the internet has thrown up so much great new music.”

Although the contest is over, bands and fans can continue to share new music via NME.COM/NEWMUSIC.

My Device, meanwhile, are now now looking forward to sharing the stage with Kasabian and CSS.


“I think we probably won’t sleep for three or four days afterwards!” joked singer Todd Jordan. “I work in the complaints department of a company that makes toilet paper, so I may quit my job just so I can make the most of the party!”

The count down to NME.COM‘s tenth birthday has now begun. Keep checking the site for more information, and come back tomorrow evening, when not only Kasabian’s performance will be streamed in full but you could help decide what songs the band will play.

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