Nick Kent: Lou Reed is ‘completely ugly’

'The Dark Stuff' author lays into rock royalty at book launch

Veteran rock journalist Nick Kent has laid into Lou Reed, calling him “completely ugly” and “repugnant”.

The former NME scribe made the comments when he launched a new version of his candid rock book ‘The Dark Stuff’ – including updated chapters with revelations about the likes of Kurt Cobain – at north London’s Boogaloo Bar last week (April 1).

With the pub lit in green, creating a panto villain feel, the journalist who notably worked for NME throughout the 1970s – drew nervous chortles as he launched an impressive verbal attack on Lou Reed, Queen and even his old pal Iggy Pop, suggesting some old wounds have still yet to heal.

Iggy Pop’s new album is basically a 60-year-old man singing about his cock,” he declared. “And that is more information than I require. I’ve told him, ‘Why do you have to get your cock out on stage?’ Soon he’s going to be like Hugh Hefner, a walking advertisement for Viagra.”

But the friendly banter ended when Kent moved on to Lou Reed.

“It’s a hate/hate thing. I think he’s completely ugly, repugnant. You have to be utterly sycophantic to get anywhere with him,” Kent told his audience. “I’d like to get a gun and shoot the bastard.”

Up next in the ring was Queen, who Kent credits backhandedly for kicking off punk.

‘Bohemian-fucking-Rhapsody’ was Number One for nine weeks – people were like, ‘If this is Number One for one more week I’m going to kill myself – or start a band’,” explained Kent. “Most people started bands, and that’s how punk was born.”

Radiohead, however, fared better with Kent, admitting he has always been impressed with their clean-living stance.

Radiohead,” he mused. “I’ve always admired the way they’ve never really indulged in drugs or the whole lifestyle. That’s how they’ve stayed the course. I can’t imagine any of them even cheating on their wives.”

The paperback edition of ‘The Dark Stuff: Selected Writings on Rock Music 1972-1993’ is out now.