iPod sales top 100 million

MP3 player leads the way since its launch in 2001

Sales of the iPod have passed the 100 million mark.

Apple launched the media players in November 2001. It has spawned more than 4,000 accessories – including a Louis Vuitton designer case.

Despite a brief dip last year, sales have picked up.

In the three months to December, Apple delivered 21m players, an increase of 50% on the previous year’s Christmas run-in, reports The Guardian.

The MP3 player was designed by British-born Jonathan Ive, who is now Apple’s head of industrial design, while the pod now comes in a variety of guises, including the Nano and Shuffle along with the classic player.

An iPhone, which will intergrate the MP3 player with a mobile phone, is due for release later this year.