Sondre Lerche plays solo shows in Los Angeles

Norwegian singer also tries his hand at fashion design

Explaining that his backing band the Faces Down is “at home, resting, in Bergen, having babies,” Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche played two nights at L.A.’s Troubadour. Alone on the stage, Lerche found himself backed only by his own shadow, cast on the venue’s rear wall by countless camera flashes from the crowd.

Though the crowd was clearly made up of longtime fans – or as longtime as fans can be of a 25-year-old – Lerche’s new material, from his soundtrack to the new Steve Carell film ‘Dan in Real Life.’ met with strong responses as well. Minor-key new numbers like ‘I’ll Be OK’ lent themselves less easily to giddy singalongs than old favorites ‘Modern Nature’ or ‘After All,’ but Lerche’s clever lyrics and between-song anecdotes about Carell won the audience over to the new material.

Even as he played darker new songs like ‘My Hands Are Shaking,’ Lerche never lost his sense of humor, joking that he is even more excited about his new merchandise than his new songs.


“We have some new t-shirts tonight,” he announced with a grin, “and I’m very excited about them. I made them myself, and they’re very fashionable. We’ve taken into consideration all the upcoming trends, and we’ve been in close contact with our people in Milan, and Paris. I made the drawings on them, and they’re very subtle. It says ‘My Hands Are Shaking’ on the back, and then on the front is a drawing of a guy, and his hands are shaking. So subtlety is definitely the word.”

Lerche’s solo tour of North America continues throughout November.

Monday night’s set list from Sondre Lerche:

‘Don’t Be Shallow’

‘After All’

‘Everyone’s Rooting For You’


‘Airport Taxi Reception’

‘Say It All’

‘Maybe You’re Gone’

‘To Be Surprised’

‘My Hands Are Shaking’

‘I’ll Be OK’

‘Dead Passengers’

‘She’s Fantastic’

‘Happy Birthday Girl’

‘(I Wanna) Call It Love’

‘Tragic Mirror’

‘Two-Way Monologue’

‘Modern Nature’

‘Phantom Punch’

‘Sleep On Needles’

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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