CBGB’s last ever line-up announced

Who will close legendary venue's last night?

The line-up of the last ever night at New York’s CBGB‘s downstairs lounge has been announced.

The legendary venue, which saw early gigs by Television, Patti Smith and the Ramones, among others, is to close on September 30 after complications over its lease.

The room’s final gig features Dub Trio and Fishbone, takes place on September 28, but a whole day of performances has been lined up.


The schedule is as follows:

14.30 – Shadow Machine

15.00 – The Last Word

16.00 – The Getaway Drive

17.00 – None the Wiser

18.00 – Plan of Attack


19.00 – Amie Amis

20.00 – Eternal

21.00 – Gozadera

22.00 – Cold Hands Collective

23.00 – The Surefire Way

00.00 – The Party Death

00.30 – The New Lows

01.00 – Runny

01.30 – Perfect Syn

02.00 – Hugh Mann & The Beings/Gilgongo

02.30 – Angry Dragon

CBGBs is likely to move to another location in Manhattan. There have also been talks of a new branch in Las Vegas.