Bono blasts G8 Africa aid shortcomings

He says latest report is like a ‘cold shower’

Bono has blasted a recent G-8 progress report as a ‘cold shower’ according to reports today (May 14).

The U2 frontman has called on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to address the shortcomings at a G-8 summit next month, and to maintain the promise made to double Africa aid to $50 billion by 2010.

“The G-8 are sleepwalking into a crisis of credibility. I know the DATA report will feel like a cold shower, but I hope it will wake us all up,” the singer said.

A report from DATA -Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa, the group founded by Bono shows that aid was increased by 2.3 billion, significantly less than the amount needed. It said that Britain and Japan have been the most generous countries so far.

According to the Associated Press, Bono told reporters “These statistics are not just numbers on a page. They are people begging for their lives, for two pills a day, a mother begging to immunize her children, a child begging not to become a mother at the age of 12.”

The 33rd G-8 Summit will be held next month in Heiligendamm, Germany.

–By our New York staff.

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