Sixties pop star plans to open meditation university in Scotland

'Invincible Donovan University' is in the works

Sixties pop star Donovan is working on a plan to open a university in Scotland which will concentrate on transcendental meditation.

The ‘Mellow Yellow’ singer says guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi told him to build the university on a visit to India in 1968, and it wasn’t until he met famed film director David Lynch in recent years that he decided to fulfill the Maharishi’s request.

“I know it sounds like an airy-fairy hippie dream to go on about ’60s peace and love,” Donovan told the Associated Press “But the world is ready for this now.”

“I met David Lynch, who told me about the positive effects of TM in education. Although it’s taken me 35 years, I will do what the Maharishi told me to do.”

The David Lynch Foundation is on a mission to bring transcendental meditation to schools in deprived areas of the US and say it has had a positive effect so far on students at the schools where it has been introduced.

Lynch and Donovan intend to contact education officials in Scotland to make the school a legitimate place of learning and director Lynch says the effects could be outstanding.

“For a country the size of Scotland it would take only 250 students meditating to protect Scotland from its enemies and to bring peace, to stop violence and drug abuse. That is just a byproduct of the students meditating together.”

–By our New York staff.

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