Jury selection begins in Spector trial

And he shows up with a new hairdo

Jury selection has commenced in Los Angeles in the trial of record producer Phil Spector, with possible jurors being screened for their attitude to celebrities.

The panel of possible jurors were asked to fill out a questionnaire, with many of the questions relating to celebrities in the court system, including a question asking if they felt that “people of wealth or fame are treated differently in the court system”.

They were also asked if they felt that celebrities have “bad tempers and act aggressively”, or if they think they can “bend the rules” as well as questions asking if famous people get away with more, and are treated more leniently by police.

Spector was arrested for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson in February 2003, a charge to which he is pleading not guilty.

Clarkson was found dead in a chair, as a result of a gunshot wound to her mouth. She had gunshot residue on both her hands, which according to the coroner’s report, would make it at possibility that she pulled the trigger.

Spector arrived at court with a dark blonde sleek hairstyle, as opposed to a wig. He was accompanied by wife Rachelle.

–By our New York staff.

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