Jackie Chan records official Beijing Olympics song

Kung fu master lays down vocals on 'We Are Ready'

Kung fu movie star Jackie Chan has recorded the official song to the 2008 Olympics, set to take place in Bejing in August.

The legendary actor who has starred in such movies as ‘Rush Hour’ and ‘Shanghai Noon’, recorded the song on a recent trip to the Chinese capital.

Although his native dialect is Cantonese, Chan recorded the song in Mandarin Chinese.

In addition to his movie career, he is a successful singer in Asia, and has recorded over 20 ‘Cantopop’ albums since 1984.

A second version of the song was commissioned by organisers, who enlisted over 130 pop stars to lay down vocals.

Ash paid tribute to Chan on their track ‘Kung Fu’, which appeared on ‘1977’.

–By our New York staff.

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