Streets videoblog censored by Royal family?

Skinner and co are gagged over Queen comments

The Streets online videoblog has disappeared from the internet amid rumours it has been censored.

Beat Stevie, which is run by Mike Skinner was removed from the site after the rapper and Beats-affiliated MC Example made satirical comments about the Queen and the monarchy in a backstage report at the recent Muse gigs.

Although the original version of the blog, entitled ‘The Streets At Wembley Stadium’, is no longer available, a new version with the offending comments removed, was posted yesterday (June 28).

Approaching the Royal seating area, Example is heard saying: “I’ve always thought, though, that I should never be allowed to meet the Queen, because if I did, I’d have this weird compulsion to, like…”. The sound is then muted, before he returns to remark “they get special black seats. It’s surprising…”.

Skinner hit back at YouTube and informed fans that the full version will be available on his own website in the next couple of weeks.

“It seems The Beats and Beat Stevie have been suspended from YouTube,” Skinner remarked on his own MySpace blog, under a post entitled ‘Banned By YouTube!’.

“This is allegedly for Example‘s comments regarding the Queen‘s attitudes to the colour black,” he explained. “We would like to sincerely apologise to the royal family. We are sure they are more than welcoming of all people of any ethnic origin. We have always been a great fan of the monarchy and Example‘s Indian family have only had good experiences with them in their role in the colonial rule of his motherland.

Beat Stevie fans, we will have our own website in the next week or so where you can continue to watch unabated by the monarchy’s oppression. Sorry for the inconvenience! In the meantime, sit back in your throne, turn off your phone, ‘cos this is our zone.”