Hundreds are accused as another clampdown takes place...

US record companies have launched legal action against a further 750 computer users today (October 29) said to be swapping music files illegally over the net.

The court cases, filed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), target students at 13 universities all accused of illegal music swapping.

The number of people sued for illegal music distribution by the RIAA totals 6,191 since action began in 2003. All the defendants are identified by their computer’s ISP code and their identity later confirmed by their Internet service provider.

A further 213 people have had fresh court action taken against them after failing to settle cases brought against them earlier in the year, reports the BBC.

So far 1,207 people have settled their case out of court, with fines averaging $3,000 (£2,360) say the RIAA.

Research shows that illegal downloading has declined since court action first started. The British Phonographic Industry launched legal cases against 28 British illegal downloaders earlier in the month, while hundreds of cases across Europe have also been filed.