They did it to save the environment! It was during a show by Cumshots. Seriously...

A couple of Norwegian music fans face court action after they stripped off and had sex onstage during a rock concert.

Tommy Hol Ellingsen, 28, and his girlfriend Leona Johansson, 21, say

they did it to help save the rain forest. Public sex

is illegal in Norway.

According to Norwegian TV’s Nettavisen, the pair

are members of an organisation called Fuck For

Forest which is dedicated to having sex in public places in order to save the environment.

During a show for Norwegian band

Cumshots on Tuesday, the pair walked onstage, asked ‘How far

are you willing to go to save the world?’, took their clothes off and got jiggy with it.

The band continued to play as the couple had full intercourse.

Police fined the couple £850 each but they are refusing to pay and now face a full court case.

“It is ridiculous that we are prosecuted and

sentenced on a moral basis at the same time as Norway is in the war against Iraq,” said Ellingsen.

The last time the couple staged a public sex act, they raised $10,000 for their environmental aims.

However, no environmental group was willing to accept the donation.