But it will be worth it in the long term - and you can still get your Coldplay tickets from Saturday...

Throughout 2005 we’re going to be working really hard on making NME.COM a better place to visit all round.

That’s why this coming weekend we’ll be taking down our existing servers at 12:01am on Saturday March 5 and replacing them with brand spanking new ones which are fitter, happier and more productive.

By Monday morning (March 7) we should be all back to normal.

Immediately we hope you’ll see faster loading times, and it’ll give us the chance to work on a few exciting new things which you’ll see over the next few months.

So we’re sorry for any inconvenience but we hope you won’t mind too much. It’s just one weekend.

And you’ll still be able to buy Coldplay tickets from 9am on Saturday – click onto the site and we will have a special link ready.