Legendary New York punk venue under threat…

NEW YORK’s influential punk rock venue CBGB is facing the threat of closure this summer.

Following news in last week’s NME that London’s Bull And Gate is facing a less than certain future, CBGB has revealed that if lease-renewal negotiations with their landlord aren’t satisfactorily concluded by August the venue will have to close.

Following recent discussions, the club’s owner Hilly Kristal has been told that his monthly rent is likely to double to $40,000, plus there’s a $91,000 in back rent also owed, MTV News reports.

“We won’t be boarded up until after our lease is up” declared Kristal who changed CBGB from a Hell’s Angel hangout to the influential punk club in 1973. “I am determined to stay, but they want me out.”

The venue is also facing additional costs to bring it into line with safety codes issued in the wake of the 2003 Great White show at Station nightclub in Rhode Island, which resulted in a fatal fire.

CBGB is felt by many to be the birth place of punk rock with bands including Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie and Television serving their musical apprenticeships there during the 1970s, while the likes of The Strokes and the [a][/a] have played there since.

It is now rumoured that a consortium of musicians is being formed to help save the venue, but at present no names have been confirmed.