The guitarist fails to turn up to a European Social Forum discussion in London...

PETE DOHERTY failed to appear at the EUROPEAN SOCIAL FORUM earlier today (October 16) in LONDON.

The estranged Libertines guitarist was due to speak along with Billy Bragg and Martin Smith at a two hour discussion at Point 101 by the capital’s Centrepoint.

Around 150 people showed up for the event which saw musicians and members of the public talk about the relationship between protest movements, politics and music, right from Leadbelly and Marvin Gaye to the 1970’s ‘Rock Against Racism’ movement and the current ‘Love Music Hate Racism’ campaign.


Doherty, who was also due to perform a song today, did play with his band Babyshambles along with Cooper Temple Clause at London’s Coronet last night (October 15).

But he left many people disappointed when he failed to turn up for the discussion today.

Speaking after the talk, Smith said: “I thought the event was amazing. To get that amount of people here was fantastic and it shows these people want real music. I thought the fact that Pete Doherty didn’t come and people stayed and enjoyed it was really good.”

He added: “It would have been really interesting to see what he had to say for himself. I think the problem with him is he can’t pull his vibe together enough.”

“A lot of the kids would have liked to have seen what he had to say as well. I mean he turned up last night for the gig and he turned up late, he always comes later but that’s no problem. He’s playing tomorrow. But there is a self destructive element within him and I wish there was some way he could try and sort himself out really,” Smith said.

The European Social Forum is a four day political and cultural festival which is due to end tomorrow (October 17).


Tonight, Clash’s Mick Jones is performing with his new band Carbon/Silicon at the London Astoria as part of the festival (October 16).