And a big part of the resurgence is down to DVDs...

Music sales have fallen just 1.3% in the first half of 2004, meaning that the market may be on the way to recovery.

Music sales, which have been in decline for the past four years, are finally showing signs of picking up, mainly due to the surge in the sale of Music DVDs.

Despite audio sales falling by 2.7%, music video sales have increased by 20.2%, though industry figures still say that piracy is a problem.

The figures are the best that the industry have seen since 2000.

Jay Berman, chairman of the International Federation for the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), said: “There are some signs that the world’s markets are beginning to recover. However, markets continue to be hampered by the dual effects of commercial and Internet piracy.”

He continued on a more positive note, saying that more people are using the legal download services, reports the BBC.

North America saw music sales increase by 3.6%, and there was a 0.6% increase in CD sales in the UK, but Europe saw a 7.7% drop in sales overall.

Industry bosses are expecting a better result from figures from the second half of the year, which account for almost 60% of the year’s total revenue.