The veteran Welsh rockers score a Top 40 single as The Poppyfields...

Ageing post-punks THE ALARM have scored an unlikely chart hit by disguising themselves as a young, unknown band.

This week’s UK single chart features a previously unknown band The Poppy Fields, whose single ‘45 Rpm’ entered the UK charts at Number 28.

However, all is not what it seems. The Poppyfields are actually The Alarm, who have been replaced in the video by the new teenage band.

Singer Mike Peters told BBC news the release was to show that image was important in today’s musical climate.

He commented: “We decided we would do something where it was judged purely on its own musical value. The Alarm as an entity have been going for 20-odd years and history can go against you – we wanted to break the barrier down. We wanted the song to be judged on its merits and stir up the water a little bit, break the mould.”