A new agreement is reached between the music industry and campaigners...

Reggae will drop the use of homophobic lyrics following a new agreement between the music industry and campaigners.

Gay rights groups have been targeting artists whose lyrics they say attack or encourage violence against homosexuals..

However according to BBC News a new verbal agreement between the ’Stop Murder Music’ coalition and reggae labels and promoters means they will no longer release records or host concerts for artists who’s lyrics are homophobic.

“The reggae industry will work with the artists while still maintaining their freedom of speech and artistic freedom,” explained reggae industry spokesman Glen Yearwood. “We’ll advise them this is not the way forward in a civilised society.”

“As a gesture of good faith, the Stop Murder Music coalition has agreed to suspend our aggressive campaigning,” explained Brett Lock of OutRage! who are part of the coalition. “The main players in the dancehall reggae industry will attempt to regulate the industry themselves to ensure that there aren’t any violently homophobic or gay-bashing lyrics in the future.”