SoundCloud denies reports that it is planning to restrict DJ mixes

The streaming platform has rebuffed claims of tighter regulation

SoundCloud has dismissed reports that it is planning a purge of DJ mixes that include unlicensed material.

Rumours have been circulating recently that the streaming platform is preparing to crackdown on mixes and remixes which contain uncleared music. Earlier this week, Digital Music News claimed that it was told by a source familiar with the company’s plans that tighter restrictions will be imposed on mixes in the near future.

SoundCloud has since responded to the speculation, telling Billboard that “the story has no truth in it”.

A rep for the company said: “At SoundCloud, we’re on a mission to create a place where all creativity can live. SoundCloud’s creator community, including DJs, is incredibly important to us.”

In April, SoundCloud launched a subscription service and started displaying advertisements in an attempt to monetised its service.

The SoundCloud Go is priced at £9.99 a month and allows users to opt out of receiving adverts as well as accessing a catalogue of music, offline listening and more.

With 175 million users worldwide, SoundCloud claim to be the second biggest streaming service in the world after YouTube.

Spotify currently holds 30 million subscribers to their streaming service, with Apple acquiring over 11 million. Speaking in a press release, SoundCloud’s chief revenue officer Alison Moore said said of the new initiative:

“The introduction of advertising forms a cornerstone of our commitment to the interest of our creator community. Each time an ad is heard in SoundCloud, an artist will get paid, and help to ensure the free offering remains available alongside the premium option.”

At the end of last year, SoundCloud agreed a deal with PRS for Music, after settling a lawsuit over songwriters not getting royalties for music used on the site.