The band will appear in tonight’s episode of the BBC2 drama…

NEIL’S CHILDREN will make a television appearance tonight on BBC2 (February 2).

The band will perform under the name of fictional punk band ’Concrete Boil’ in an episode of ’The Rotters’ Club’.

The episode will also feature a trip down memory lane to the NME offices in the 1970s.

Set in the decade that taste forgot, ’The Rotters’ Club’ is a three part adaptation of Jonathan Coe’s novel of the same name, set in class warring Birmingham.

Tonight’s instalment sees Doug Anderton (played by Nicholas Shaw) taking a trip to NME’s London offices to try and blag a job.

’The Rotters’ Club’ producer Chrissy Skinns told NME.COM: “Doug is very interested in music. He writes a piece for NME and they say ‘Do pop in and see us at some point’, which he takes as an invitation. So he rushes down to London and pops into the office on Saturday when everyone in the office is at the football.”

Anderton is then sent to review Concrete Boil, played by Neil’s Children.

Filmed at London’s Kentish Town Forum the band turned up for the scene, and according to one source close to the production, needed no styling at all.

“They looked exactly right for the Seventies’ punk scene,” she said.

’The Rotters’ Club’ airs tonight at 9pm on BBC2.