The singer is interviewed and denied entry to the US...

The singer formerly known as [/a] was at the centre of a transatlantic mid-air alert this morning (September 22).

The incident forced his London-to-Washington flight to be diverted to another airport 600 miles from its destination.

The flight was in the air when US officials identified [a], now known as Yusuf Islam, as being on one of their watch lists.

According to the BBC, the United Airlines Flight 919 was diverted 600 miles, landing in Maine. The singer was interviewed and denied entry to the US. Officials from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said he would not be allowed into the country “on national security grounds”. He will be put on a flight back to the UK later today.

Four years ago, Mr Islam was deported from Israel over allegations that he backed militant Muslims.

[a][/a] converted to Islam in the late Seventies, abandoning a very successful music career. Since then he has devoted himself to promoting and teaching the religion.