A run-in with the British music industry means the online retailer will now be a little more expensive...

Online retailer CD-WOW! has been forced to raise its prices following a run-in with the British music industry.

The site, which had offered any album in the UK top 75 for just £8.99, has settled out of court with industry body the BPI in a row over copyright law, according to the BBC.

Both parties were due in court in two weeks after the BPI accused CD-Wow! of violating UK copyright law by importing cheaper CDs from outside Europe. As a result, the site will add a £2 surcharge to the price of all CDs despatched to the UKM.

BPI Chairman Peter Jamieson said: “I am delighted that we have been able to resolve this case on agreed terms.”

A joint statement from both parties read: “The recording industry claimed that CD-Wow! was obtaining sound recordings from outside Europe and selling them to the UK and Irish consumers.”

“As a result of the settlement CD-Wow! has agreed that it will not sell CDs that have been first placed on the market outside Europe to UK and Irish customers. It will only sell CDs that have first been placed on the European market to UK and Irish customers. All other details of the settlement are confidential.”

CD-Wow! has a worldwide user base of one million per month.