Frenchman Bertrand Cantat appeals against an eight-year sentence for the killing of his actress lover...

French rock star BERTRAND CANTAT is appealing against an eight-year jail sentence for the murder of his actress lover, according to his lawyer.

Cantat, lead singer of rock band Noir Desir, was found guilty earlier this year of causing the death of Marie Trintignant.

He had told the court he slapped her several times during a jealous row. Trintignant died from head injuries a week later.

Trintignant’s family believes Cantat’s sentence is too lenient and is asking for it to be increased, ananova reports.

The maximum sentence Cantat could receive from the court in Vilnius, Lithuania is 15 years in prison.

The murder happened when the couple were staying at a hotel in Vilnius last year, where Trintignant was making a film about the French literary heroine, Colette.

Cantat admitted having caused her death but said it was a tragic accident.

Trintignant’s killing and Cantat’s trial gripped France, where both are well-known personalities.