It appears Azealia Banks has been dropped by her UK booking agency

Things get worse for the rapper after her racist Zayn Malik Twitter rant

After Azealia Banks aimed a series of racial slurs at Zayn Malik on Twitter on Tuesday, her week has gone from bad to worse as she was dropped from Rinse’s Born & Bred festival line-up a day later before reportedly becoming the subject of a Home Office investigation.

Now, according to FACT, it appears she has also been dropped by her UK booking agent, Primary Talent International. Her name has been removed from the agency’s roster on their website, whilst a visit to her artist page displays an error message. Primary Talent International have not yet confirmed that Banks has been dropped.



Banks’ Twitter account was suspended following her racial insults, which came after she perceived former One Direction member Malik had copied her work in his new music video. She has since been posting on Instagram, claiming that she is the victim of ‘white supremacy’.

In the original Twitter posts, that were deleted before her account was suspended, Banks referred to Malik as a “curry scented bitch”, “sand nigga”, “faggot”, “fudgepacker” and “paki”, amongst other insults, as well as turning on the ex-One Direction star’s mother, who she branded “a dirty refugee who won’t be granted asylum”.

She also took aim at 14-year-old Disney star Skai Jackson, after she told Banks to “simmer down” on Twitter. The ‘212’ rapper subsequently claimed Jackson’s mother is “pimping” her out.