The legendary producer does little to dispel his erratic reputation at an impromptu press conference...

PHIL SPECTOR has accused police of aggressive behaviour during his arrest at his home in February 2003 at a hearing on Friday (May 7).

Doing little to dispel his erratic reputation, the famed producer spoke out at an impromptu press conference, despite attorney Leslie Abramson’s pleas to the contrary.

Spector made reference to one of the prosecutors, saying: “He’s the one who proves you can have children through anal sex,” as he left the courtroom, before being shushed by Abramson. She retorted : “Phil, I get to be nasty, you don’t,” reports Reuters.

Abramson held a press conference in the hall, with Spector interrupting many of her claims.

Speaking of his arrest, Spector interjected her speech, commenting: “Broken nose, two black eyes and 50,000 volts shot through me (Taser gun) after I invited the police into my home.”

He also spoke about the defence’s key witness, Spector’s driver, who claims Spector said “I think I shot someone,” as he left his LA home on the night of Clarkson’s death.

“He is illegal,” Spector said. “He is an illegal alien threatened with deportation.”

Abramson said that the driver has a poor grasp of English, and that she believes he has been given immunity from deportation through his co-operation with regards to the case.

In court, pre-trial arguments also raged over whether the prosecution were withholding vital evidence, in the form of a piece of the dead actress’s fingernail. The prosecution believe the nail came off as she fired the gun.

No trial date has yet been set.