The supermarket giant gets in on the act...

WAL-MART are to launch a cut-price downloading music service next year, undercutting the market leader – APPLE’s iTUNES.

The supermarket giant, who also own the Asda chain, will offer individual songs for 88 cents (50p) compared with iTunes selling at 99 cents. The tracks will also have the capability to be burned onto CD.

Kevin Swint of walmart.com said: “We’ve found that easy access to a wide range of music is very important to the Wal-Mart customer.”

According to MediaGuardian, he added: “With 64% of our customers online, we see digital music downloads as a natural extension of the music selection offered in Wal-Mart stores.”

A spokesperson for Asda said that there are no plans to introduce a music downloading service on its British website at the moment.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Coca-Cola are to launch their own UK music-download service in the New Year, which they claim will feature the largest available catalogue of songs online.

The soft drinks company will offer a legal alternative to file-sharing and boast 250,000 available tracks from over 8,500 artists.

January will see the launch of mycokemusic.com, which will also mark the first high-profile brand to become involved directly in the music business.