Afrika Bambaataa denies sexually assaulting boys in the 1980s

The response was in his first TV interview following the accusations

Afrika Bambaataa has denied sexually assaulting boys in the 80s in his first TV interview since the allegations of sexual abuse surfaced in March. You can watch a video of the Fox 5 interview below.

Ronald Savage, who worked with Bambaataa and his Zulu Nation group as a child, was the first to make the accusations, claiming that he was molested at least five times as a teenager in his book Impulse, Urges and Fantasies. That was before another three men accused Bambaataa of child molestation in April.

Speaking about the allegations to Lisa Evers of Fox 5 NY, Bambaataa said: “I never abused nobody. You know, it just sounds crazy for people to say that, to hear, ‘You abused me.’ You know all my people back then; you know the hundreds of people that been around me. If something like that happened, why you never went to none of them?”

The hip-hop pioneer, who originally denied the accusations in a written statement and called it a “negligent attack on my character”, went on to suggest that there may be a hidden agenda to the allegations in the TV interview.

Savage, the New York democratic activist who alleges Afrika Bambaataa molested him 36 years ago, also called for changes to state laws around statutes of limitation in child abuse cases in April.